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CHICAGO — Maplewood Brewery and Distillery are the first of their kind in Illinois.  They were the first to establish brewing and distilling under one roof.  Nestled at the end of Maplewood Avenue in Logan Square, they have been one of the leaders in craft brewing and spirits since opening their doors in 2014.  

Adam Smith is the Lead Brewer of Special Projects.

“We were the first and I personally think we do it the best,” he said.  “I think our balance of beer to spirit has allowed us to slowly grow the distillery side and now people are starting to see it.”

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They’ve enjoyed steady growth in Chicago. Three years after moving into the production facility, Maplewood opened their lounge, doubling as a taproom and a cocktail bar.  With their growing success, they’ve reached cities and states outside of Chicago, doing so with a nod to their home city.  For most of the logos used, they incorporate the Chicago six-pointed star in designs.  They pride themselves on expertly crafted beer and spirits in a wide range of styles.

Canning process at Maplewood

Visit them on Maplewood or find their beer at a location near you.

Maplewood Brewery and Distillery
2717 N Maplewood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

Maplewood’s taproom and lounge

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