Find a giant lemon, get a free bike to celebrate 312 Day!

Chicago Scene

Back in 2011, a small group at Goose Island started a made-up holiday (312 Day) as an excuse to get out and enjoy Chicago. By 2014, the mayor declared it an official holiday. Flash forward to present day, it’s bigger than ever. With a ton of celebrations happening around the city (in accordance with Covid safety restrictions).   Chicago’s favorite very real (but totally made up) holiday 312 Day. It is back and bigger than ever this year with the launch of 312 Lemonade Shandy.

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What does that mean? Last year was a sour year and so we’re turning that into lemonade and celebrating 312 Day this year by dropping 50 giant lemons around Chicago. It’s simple, you find a giant lemon, you win a Goose branded bike! You can find the real-time tracking numbers here. Lucky lemon finders and those over 21+ are invited to come sample Goose’s newest offering at the transformed Taproom on March 12.

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