Equality Should Be Normal resource center offers education and services throughout the week – and enrichment for a lifetime

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Founded earlier this year with a mission to help communities, the Equality Should Be Normal (ESBN) Inc and its Barbara Murphy Community Resource Center cover a lot of ground.

“(We work to) eradicate racism while advocating for violence prevention, reforming education, mentorship, and enriching the black community,” founder Romel Murphy said. 

In the last year, Murphy has opened center located in Chicago’s Washington Park community.  

The ESBN Community Resource Center offers services and education throughout the week. There’s free community haircuts on Make Over Mondays and computer and STEM training on Technology Tuesday. Wellness Wednesday offers free onsite therapists and mental health services and resume and financial literacy classes are offered on Financial Fridays.

“We’re not built paycheck to paycheck, we’re built to flourish,” Murphy said.

Free time and space for special events and programming are offered as well.

If you want to get involved in their mission, visit Equality Should Be Normal.

ESBN’s Barbara Murphy Community Resource Center 
239 E. 51st Street
Chicago, IL 60615


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