Employers looking to fill high demand vacancies in Chicago’s skilled labor industry

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LISLE, Ill. — With so many of our goods being delivered via truck, train, or plane, the infrastructure in the U.S. is in constant need of repair. The pandemic has put a strain on the Chicago skilled labor industry, leading to more jobs available than applicants to fill them.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statics recently ranked Chicagoland the fifth-highest employment level for welding in the nation.  Thus creating a demand to fill that need to maintain our constantly battered infrastructure. 

Universal Technical Institute’s new welding technology training program prepares recent high school graduates and people looking to switch careers to make an immediate impact in the welding industry. 

Ian Hardie is the institute’s Senior Employment Services Director.

“Since the pandemic, we know there is a huge demand for the skilled trades out there,” he said. 

UTI’s Welding Technology training program gives the hands-on training to prepare for a career in industries from automotive fabrication to aerospace. 

Justin Doerris is the institute’s Education Manager.

“Welding is an art. There’s a lot of muscle memory that goes into those welds,” he said.  

That valuable lesson along with many others are learned in the 36-week training course designed to teach students the hard and soft skills needed to prepare for a welding career.  

The expansion of the welding program on the Lisle campus means job opportunities in a high-demand field in the Chicago area. 

With UTI’s Welding Technology training program, you can train for the industry in less than nine months. The courses covered are everything from welding safety guidelines to pipe welding and various types of welding processes.  While a student is in the training course, UTI will work with each student to place them at a job in their field before completion. 

Anyone interested in learning more about welding or any other skilled labor, visit Universal Technical Institue.

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