Don’t forget about Manny’s and your other favorite restaurants

Chicago Scene

This is a good reminder to remember your favorite restaurants in this bizarre time. Some are on the brink of being gone forever. Order take out, have it delivered, or dine at your favorite spot, socially distant.

Manny’s is a Chicago institution. For over 65 years, spanning 4 generations, Chicagoans have enjoyed the great tastes and good times at Manny’s. Slide your tray down the cafeteria line and witness the classics that many including President Obama and Mayor Daley have come to enjoy.

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Legendary mile-high corned beef, pastrami, crispy potato pancakes, hot matzo ball soup and mouth-watering macaroni and cheese will satisfy your every craving. Don’t forget the cherry pie (an Obama favorite.) Eat with families, traders, lawyers and politicians in the noisy, brightly lit, memorabilia filled dining room.


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