Dinner and a drive-in movie tonight? The Chicago Scene is ChiTown (Drive-In) Movies

Chicago Scene

Chicagoans can now enjoy a drive-in movie experience within city limits. The Drive-In Theater is located at 2343 South Throop Street in Chicago.  You don’t even need to leave your car!  The car radio plays the movie and you can order food from the website.  They’ll deliever it right to your car door.

ChiTown Movies will show Star Wars: A New Hope from Tuesday, June 9th through Monday, June 15th with two shows nightly at 8:50pm and 11:50pm.

Families and friends can load up the car and enjoy this blockbuster movie in brilliant 4K high-definition. Order popcorn, drinks, wings, or tacos from your car and listen to the film on your FM radio.

Tickets are available at www.ChiTownMovies.com.


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