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CHICAGO – Thalia Hall is a historic landmark located in the Pilsen neighborhood at the corner of 18th and Allport since 1892.

It was originally built as a public hall for the community by John Dusek. His dream was to create a multi-purpose property that would offer a commercial storefront, housing and a community hall.

After years of sitting dormant, the building was reimagined.

Owners Bruck Finkelman and Craig Golden launched three new concepts within the storied property that Chicagoans have come to love. The beer-inspired restaurant (and carrying the namesake of its founder) Dusek’s, a punch-focused cocktail bar and a public hall at the ready for any live act.

Guests are encouraged to make a trip to Thalia Hall a full evening experience with dinner, drinks and a show all in this historic space. One could argue which is the main attraction between the options available.

Modeled after the Prague opera house, Thalia Hall is one of the most ornate theaters in the country and provides a musical experience that is second to none. The original charm and character still intact, it serves as a community treasure with a wide array of music, community and artistic events for the neighborhood it serves. They make things easy with their prix fixe menu at $60 per guest.

Sample of the prix fixe offering at Dusek’s

Dusek’s Tavern transports you back to a golden age in Chicago, where the corner tavern was a meeting spot for Chicago’s working class. Today, they sport a menu that is infused with locally sourced ingredients, offering up classic cocktails, liquor beverages, wine and cold beer.

The Punch House is that perfect spot for your nightcap. Located in the basement of Thalia Hall, it’s a bar has a unique 1970s Chicago basement vibe offering up classic and contemporary punches by the glass, carafe and bowl. If punch isn’t your drink du jour, there have beer, wine, and other offerings as well.

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