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CHICAGO — With one of the best restaurant scenes in the world, Chicago blends all 77 neighborhoods into the culinary fabric that gives the Windy City its unique flavor — drawing interest from around the world.

That blend of culture and tradition is on full display at Pan Artesanal in Logan Square.

The bakery was started by Lizette and Marisol Espinoza, two sisters with a love for their Mexican roots and appreciation of French pastries. There, you’ll find the Mexican and French fusion with their signature guava and cheese pastry, and traditional favorites like the concha monarca.

“Our family is from Morelia in Mexico, our family loves to bake and cook and we wanted to take those traditions of Mexico and blend them with French baking traditions with our own family twist,” said the Espinoza sisters.

Celebrating Dia de Muertos

The bakery itself is a homage to their Mexican roots, decorated in traditional colors and styles, as well as its display that’s a nod to the celebration of Dia De Los Muertos.

With a full menu of coffee, pastries, and sandwiches, Pan Artesanal has everything you need to satisfy your sweet and savory tooth. The tradition of family baking and cooking in Morelia lives on as the bakery has various members of the Espinoza family working in various aspects of the kitchen and business.

It’s that curation of family traditions, fused with the modern palate of the Chicago restaurant scene, that gives Pan Artesanal that unique taste, only found in Chicago.

To learn more about the bakery or order food, click here.

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