CHICAGO — Maya Angelou once said: “You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.” These words ring true in the bells of Chicago’s churches, schools, and buildings that are in danger of being demolished.

The organization Preservation Chicago has committed to strengthening the vibrancy of Chicago’s economy and quality of life by championing the historic buildings and the impact they have on individual neighborhoods.

The group works to protect and revitalize Chicago’s irreplaceable architecture, neighborhood and urban green spaces.

And starting in 2003, Preservation Chicago has introduced the “Chicago 7 Most Endangered.”

They are sounding the alarm on imminently threatened historic buildings and public assets in Chicago. Its mission is to mobilize the support necessary to save them from demolition.

Promontory Point

This year’s list includes:

  1. The Century and Consumers Buildings at 202 and 220 South State Street
  2. Chicago Public Housing, particularly at Altgeld, Cabrini Row Houses, and Lathrop Homes
  3. St. Martin de Tours at 5848 S. Princeton
  4. Peterson Avenue Midcentury Modern District
  5. Promontory Point
  6. Central Park Theater at 3535 W. Roosevelt
  7. North DuSable Lake Shore Drive
  8. Moody Triangle in Old Town
Central Park Theater

To learn more about Preservation Chicago and Chicago’s 7 most endangered buildings, click here.

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