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CHICAGO — Students showcase their artistry through inventive, original works at the first in-person exhibit since the beginning of the pandemic at The Chicago Academy for the Arts.

The exhibit gave students’ their first opportunity in nearly two years to display their work live.

These showcase opportunities is what allows The Chicago Academy for the Arts to stand out as a beacon of opportunity as the school reinvents what a classroom has the capability to be.

Works inside the student-only art exhibit

“The students’ creativity amazes me each and every year”, says Margy Stover, Visual Arts Department Chair. “I’m proud of their dedication to expanding their artistic horizons and invited the public to enjoy their work.”

The Chicago Academy for the Arts is a nationally recognized independent high school for the performing and visual arts. The academy offers students the opportunity to engage in a unique co-curricular program that includes college-preparatory academic classes and professional-level arts training.

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