Celebrating National Waffle Day at Fry the Coop

Chicago Scene

CHICAGO – How does breakfast for lunch sound? Better yet, how about waffles for a late lunch?

Tuesday, August 24, 2021 is national waffle day which means the WGN News Now team had to celebrate!

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Tom Barnas was live at The Coop to help us celebrate the big day.

“We believe in working through our purpose, guided by our values.  We want to change the world! Starting right where we stand. We believe we can do this by spreading happiness!  The root definition of “restaurant” steams from the word “restore.” The root translation of the word means “a place one goes to be restored” and restaurateur literally translates to “restorer of souls.”  Our purpose is to restore your soul by replenishing your body with our care, love, and food.  Food is deeper than we know.  It tells us who we are, where we come from and what we believe in.  Food represents the past, present and future.  It bears the ties of joy, celebration and fulfillment.  We use food as a tool, a tool to restore your soul.”  – Fry the Coop.

Fry the Coop featured in today’s segment was in the West Town neighborhood.

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