CHICAGO — Season 2 of the Netflix series “Bridgerton” is in full swing. Many of the fans can’t get enough of the show. So how would you like to attend of Queen Charlotte’s coveted balls? Well, if you head down South State Street to the XS Tennis and Education Foundation building, you’ll find the portal into another time.

There you’ll be greeted with the regency-inspired world of the Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience. Here, guests are encouraged to embrace all the trimmings of the Bridgeton life. You can experience the opulent ballroom as you sip on cocktails inspired by the show.

Experience the Modiste shop, have your picture taken in the portrait studio, and bring your best dance moves for the main event where you may even catch the Queen’s eye to be crowned Diamond of the evening.

The Queen awaits your arrival

The evening is a step back in time to a delightful soiree in 1813 London. You’ll take part in the most coveted ball of the season with live music inspired by the “Bridgerton” soundtrack, mingle with other members of the Ton as you immerse yourself in an evening, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

This event will be in Chicago until June 12. To snag your tickets to this experience, click here.

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The Queens Ball