CHICAGO — Little Village native Aldo Rios has always wanted to put his mark on the world, and during the pandemic, he did exactly that.

What started out as a way to survive the shutdown, became a true labor of love. Rios started a pop-up churro business, but wanted to take it a step further by mixing Americana traditions with Mexican culture. The pop-up turned brick-and-mortar soon after with El Churro Shop.

“Places never really showed how this process was done,” Rios said. “I started my pop-up by showing them exactly how churros are made, right there out in the open. I’ve continued that tradition with this location where people can see us making the churro right in front of them, serving up traditional Mexican churros and letting the dough be the centerpiece of flavor”

El Churro Shop pays tribute to the Americana love of carnival-inspired foods with the churro sundae, ice cream nachos and sundae funnel cakes. Traditional Mexican churro loops with house-made chocolate and strawberry sauces are also available.

Owner Aldo Rios at the El Churro Shop in Little Village

Other standouts are the Frappe De Olla, Horchata milkshakes and the strawberry cheesecake milkshake are some of the most unique options in all of Chicago. Guests can also expect a carefully curated coffee program blending the modern wants of a younger generation with the classic traditions of Mexican culture.

“It was very important to me to take Mexican tradition and blend it with the modern life here in Little Village, that’s why we offer the things we have on the menu and that is also why we have the pictures on the wall, reflecting what life is like here in Little Village with the decor of the warm tone tiles and pottery,” Rios said.

To have your slice of churro heaven, stop by the El Churro Shop or click here for more information.

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