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Do you believe in monsters?

Getting into the Halloween theme by talking to monster expert, Dr. Emily Zarka.

Dr. Zarka earned a Doctor of Philosophy in English from Arizona State University, specializing in British Romantic literature with an emphasis on the Gothic. Dr. Z approaches literature and film through monsters, applying the theory that human history is monster history.

She is the writer and host of PBS Digital Studios series Monstrum, which looks at the complex histories and motivations behind some of the world’s most famous monsters. Her teaching experience includes literature, composition, film and media, and humanities classes. 

We talked to Dr. Zarka about the werewolves and their origins.

“Werewolves go back thoughts and thousands of years, the first recorded werewolf story we have is actually from the Epic of Gilgamesh,” said Dr. Zarka.


Also, we talked about the “Mothman” and possible sightings in Chicago.

For more information on Monstrum, click here.

Mothman over Chicago?

Happy Halloween!

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