Afro-Caribbean-Soul fusion at your doorstep with Cocoa Chili

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Cocoa Chili Restaurant & Catering serves up a fusion of Afro-Caribbean-Soul dishes created by founder Niquenya Collins.  Born from a passion for unique and flavorful foods, Collins blended an array of cultures to bring you this unique take on classing cuisine.  

Collins got her culinary start at Silver Fork Culinary Program and Sprouts Incubator Program.  Being involved with these programs lead her to the shared kitchen space at the Hatchery Chicago. 

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It’s a family affair for Collins. Both her brother and son help in the quest to bring Cocoa Chili to the doorsteps of Chicagoans.  They said they are driven by a social mission to expose the surrounding community to a unique, sustainably sourced educational food process.  They also help stock local Love Fridges with their Afro-Caribbean-Soul.  Community members can access these Love Fridges for free around the Chicago area.  They are fully stocked with free meals and other staple food needs.

For more information on how you can order your own Cocoa Chili, sauce or something off the menu, check out Cocoa Chili Restaurant & Catering


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