Adam Ezra Group marks 365 consecutive days of live music

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It’s been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

On March 13, 2020, the Adam Ezra Group stopped touring in person.

From humble beginnings of cutting his musical teeth right here in Chicago, to performing with his band all over the country, the Adam Ezra was faced with the ultimate challenge. What does a band that plays over 200 shows a year do when the world is shut down?

The answer? Livestream.

The first time he played online he said it was almost just for him to feel better.

“I was just thinking about being less alone,” he said.

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Ezra turned to livestreaming with his first digital show on March 13. The band used it as a way to connect in desperate times of isolation.

Since that night the band returned to play live online every single night since and are driven by a belief that small grassroots communities have the power to impact the world and make it feel a little less lonely.

They call it The Gathering Series daily livestream and it stands as a testament to Ezra’s artistic endurance and his ability to provide a space for people to connect, talk and experience emotions and music, one day at a time in a safe space. “That loneliness is something I’ve always had inside of me, it’s one of the things that drives me to write music,” said Ezra.

It’s a digital diary of sorts, giving not only for fans and outlet, but it gave Ezra the chance to share intimate details of his pandemic life. Through the early days of lockdown in his Chelsey home just outside of Boston, to his own battle with COVID – “About three weeks in the livestreams, I got sick,” said Ezra. “I was in bed during the days, I’d pull myself out of bed for the gathering.” “It was an opportunity for me to sit up straight, press record and tell people what I’m going through”’

He rallied and made the move to the Mojave Desert, and even on his wedding day, Ezra never missed a performance. He broadcasted without fail from wherever he found himself each night and every night at 6 p.m. Chicago time.

In celebration of Gathering’s 365th connective day, Adam Ezra Group have released fan favorite track, “Switching To Whiskey,” which has been highly requested during the band’s livestreams. It’s a track born out of nights in Key West, Florida with friend and songwriter Clint Daniels.

Ezra was kind enough to record exclusive performance below for this story. Enjoy the acoustic version of “Switching To Whiskey.” Find more about the Adam Ezra Group here.


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