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CHICAGO — The Fulton Market is a symbol of the ever-changing Chicago landscape. What was once a bustling warehouse district has transformed over the years to a creative and global mecca for modern American cuisine.

Next Chicago embodies that spirit with its 21 4-star reviews from the Chicago Tribune and a James Beard Award as best new restaurant in America. Next takes the dining experience to a sensory level, constantly exploring the world of cuisine by changing their prix fixe menus a couple of times a year.

Chef Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas founded this Michelin Star restaurant and now executive chef Ed Tinoco has taken on the White City.

Next World’s Fair menu explores the world of the White City through the senses of Achatz’s immersive presentations, providing a unique and elegant take on the 1893 World’s Fair.

Next World’s Fiar Chicago

“For us, we were trying to make a menu that would kind of reflect what we’re going through in a way that we can put some history behind it,” Tinoco said. “Obviously with us going through a pandemic and into a hopefully now a better time our creative process was on how we can showcase that through food, we felt that with us trying to recreate ourselves with and bring new technology in a way with new concepts, the World’s Fair was the perfect theme.”

As Chicago rebuilt after the Great Chicago Fire, the Word’s Fair was that moment in history where Chicago announced to the world that it was back. That same spirit aligned with Next in this concept. They wanted to invoke the spirit of Chicago as we (as a city and country) prevail through the lasting days of the pandemic.

You’ll be treated to unparalleled adventures of some of the Word’s Fair’s debut foods. Guests will enjoy the Next spin on the Cracker Jack, hot dog, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Tesla’s Egg of Columbus.

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A dish inspired by Pabst Blue Ribbon