‘Chicago Accent’ post beautifully describes what it’s like to be a Chicagoan

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CHICAGO — WGN Morning News Producer Anne Marie Saviano’s beautiful soliloquy describing what it’s like to live in the city of Chicago has gone viral.

The Facebook post starts off by saying, “they say the Chicago accent is the worst in the world. I say – The Chicago accent is mustard on your hot dog.”

Saviano then lists a number of detailed scenarios of what she believes the “Chicago accent” is. Scenarios that would resonate with anyone who is a Chicago native.

“It’s grown men holding each other and sobbing when the White Sox win the World Series in 2005. It’s the same guys holding each other and crying when the Cubs win the World Series (but for a different reason). It’s the illegal fireworks on the 4th of July. It’s calling dibs,” the post reads. “It’s a Tuesday in April when it snows in the morning but it’s 74 and sunny an hour later. It’s blizzards. It’s above ground pools. It’s sausage. It’s Italian beef with giardiniera.”

The post was shared by Saviano on Friday, and has since gone viral with over 4,000 shares.


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