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A hilarious video of a pair of brothers who convinced their sister there’s been a zombie apocalypse just after her wisdom teeth surgery has gone viral.

One of her brothers, 22-year-old Cabot Phillips, joined WGN Morning News Monday and shared the story behind the video.

Cabot says the master plan came together during family dinner. Their mother mentioned that someone would have to pick up their sister, Millicent, after her wisdom teeth surgery. Cabot says he willingly volunteered to be there and knew he had to have some kind of plan in place to prank her — and capture the whole thing on video.

“We thought — we love The Walking Dead, everyone loves zombies in general. Maybe we can actually get her to believe this,” Cabot told WGN.

On his way to the dentist to pick up Millicent, he says he was skeptical if the prank would be successful. But then the dentist mentioned she was on double anesthesia so she was “going to be extra loopy.” Cabot says he thought, “OK, this is good.” But he still didn’t know the extent that she would fall for the prank.

According to Cabot, Millicent didn’t remember specifics from the prank, only her emotions of fear and realizing “this is my reality now – I have to accept this.”

Watch the entire interview in the video player above