Bob, Nate and Erin Odenkirk 
in Conversation with Peter Sagal
Saturday, October 14th at 5PM
Northwestern University – Cahn Auditorium

From acclaimed actor and humorist Bob Odenkirk and his children comes this amazingly silly, sometimes poignant, and always fun collection of poems.
Bob Odenkirk began writing poetry with his children when they were little with the hope of one day compiling the poems into a home-made book. He wanted his kids to understand that an actual person wrote the books the family loved to read and to know that they could even be writers and illustrators themselves. Almost twenty years later, the Odenkirks found themselves quarantined under the same roof with some time on their hands. . . and Bob, Erin, and Nate revisited these poems—sometimes revising and sometimes deciding they were perfect as-is. With Erin creating illustrations to accompany the words, soon their silly poems took shape as something much bigger than an Odenkirk family treasure.  
From a monster who could use a pep talk to a child who has a list of very important things to do before bedtime, the characters in these poems come alive on the page, complemented by Erin’s whimsical illustrations throughout. Featuring over 75 poems, Zilot & Other Important Rhymes will delight readers of all ages who are fans of Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky.