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The college admissions bribery scandal led to extensive discourse about college admissions and its flaws. Author and Professor at Ohio University, Richard Vedder, joins WGN Morning News to discuss the scandal, as well as his new book, “Restoring the Promise: Higher Education in America.”

Professor Vedder teaches economics at Ohio University. In addition to his teaching, he is a senior fellow at the Independent Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to public policy research and education.

In “Restoring the Promise,” Professor Vedder tackles the bevy of issues presented by higher education, such as high costs for little educational reward. Vedder discusses the underlying cause of those problems, which he contends root from unsuccessful governmental involvement in education.

Additionally, Vedder appeared in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, in which he argues that the result of high priced college education is a result of students and faculty not working a sufficient amount.