CHICAGO — The artwork in the collection of one of our own here at Channel 9 along with a very, very rare ticket stub were both on the WGN Morning News on Wednesday.

Both were part of another edition of “Show and Tell” of the segment with our Mike Toomey.

Sandra Smith, who works in the WGN-TV programming department, showed off a few of the pet-themed paintings that she’s collected over the years.

Meanwhile, John Miller was at the station to show off a Wrigley Field 1932 World Series ticket from Game 3 between the Cubs and the Yankees. That’s the game in which Babe Ruth had his famous “called shot” homer in a New York victory.

You can see more on these items in this edition of “Show & Tell” on the May 24 show in the video above.

If you want to have an item featured on “Show & Tell,” you can find out how by clicking here.

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