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Aloft is Chicago’s premier teaching, training and performance space for the aerial and circus arts. Located in a 109 year old church in Chicago’s beautiful Logan Square Neighborhood, Aloft features 6,000 square feet of studio space, making it the third largest in America.

Aloft provides adult neophytes (and kids, too) the opportunity to explore aerial and circus disciplines in safe, challenging and fun classes, as well as professional performers with a training facility that meets their technical, developmental and creative needs.

Classes at Aloft will challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally, but as you see your confidence, muscle tone and flexibility grow, you’ll realize you’re getting a workout like you couldn’t get anywhere else! The training you’ll get at Aloft is personalized and intensive. In their small classes you’ll be in the air more than on the ground, quickly developing strength, confidence and independence.

Aloft Circus Arts:
3324 W. Wrightwood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647