Anthony Ponce on quitting NBC to be Lyft driver and produce podcast

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You may have heard about Anthony Ponce, the former NBC anchor and reporter who quit after 9-years.

Now, a video posted by Ponce to Facebook explaining his decision to leave has gone viral.

The video tells fans that he left the anchor desk to drive for Lyft. But, he is taking his driver role farther than most.

Ponce will be interviewing passengers for his new podcast, “Backseat Rider.”

Ponce joined WGN Morning News for an interview Tuesday, joining his brother Dan Ponce on set.

“It’s been kind of a whirlwind ever since I posted that video,” Ponce told WGN. “I haven’t really had a chance to catch my breath.”

He describes his next career move as “a mixture between fear and excitement.”

Ponce has been testing this idea for four months by working as a driver.

“I have been talking to each passenger really in depth about current events, funny anecdotes and personal stories,” he said.

Ponce says it’s remarkable how open people have been with him.

The video has been viewed over 770,000 times on Facebook.

Watch his interview with WGN in the video player above



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