American living in Wuhan reflects on COVID-19 quarantine

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An American who is stuck in what used to be the epicenter of the pandemic — Wuhan, China — talked to WGN Morning News about his experience Tuesday.

Doug Perez said it took several months for the number of new cases in Wuhan to drop to near zero.

“When this first started, it was a very scary experience,” Perez said. “Most Americans evacuated. There was great pressure on me to evacuate myself to the United States. Now seeing how things progressed, right now I think I’m in the best possible place. Cases have declined dramatically. There really is no comparison to how the situation was in the beginning.”

While he remains under a strict quarantine, he said the city of 11 million is slowly getting back to normal.

As for quarantine life, he said access to toilet paper was never a problem, and recommended stocking up on powdered drinks because you get sick of drinking water.

To watch the full interview, check out the player above.


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