A New Year’s dessert, the “Rocher Bar” from the Ritz-Carlton

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Clicquot in the Snow New Year’s Eve at The Ritz-Carlton, Chicago

Tuesday, December 31st from 9:30pm to 1:00am



Executive Pastry Chef Nitin Bali

Chef Bio:

Nitin Bali, Executive Pastry Chef at The Ritz-Carlton, Chicago, brought a touch of the Persian Gulf with him to Chicago, by way of The Ritz-Carlton, Doha in Qatar. In Doha, Bali loved the fresh and colorful ingredients available to him, incorporating them into his incredible creations. The same goes for Chicago, where he will oversee the Hotel’s pastry department.Born in Northern India, Bali is inspired by nature in his designs, and enjoys how pastry allows him the opportunity to truly create using the world around him. He credits his time growing up cooking with his mother to where he took an interest in cooking. Bali began his career as a Pastry Cook at The Ritz-Carlton, Marina-Del Rey in California, and worked up the ranks at four properties within the Golden State before becoming Pastry Chef Supervisor at The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta. There, he created dessert menus for all of the Hotel’s restaurants and banquet events, with the ever-important responsibility of creating dazzling wedding cakes for brides and grooms.

Now, in Chicago, Bali brings his talents to the Windy City where he creates whimsical and dazzling desserts and pastries. When he’s not cooking with his favorite ingredient – chocolate – Bali enjoys hiking, travelling and reading; especially biographies of famous pastry chefs to further his own inspiration.

‘The Rocher Bar’

(A take on the famous Ferrero Rocher Italian chocolate hazelnut candies)

Plated with Whip White chocolate ganache, Raspberry Coulis, Chopped Hazelnuts


To make the Rocher Bar:

Boil cream

Pour it into yolks and sugar.

Cook to anglaise stage which is 165 F

Pour on chocolate. Mix well and pour in the mold

Freeze it for 1 hour at least.

Plate the dessert

Make a swoosh with raspberry sauce

Place the rocher bar in center

Finish with chocolate streusel and whip ganache.


Callebaut dark chocolate

Callebaut white chocolate

Callebaut cocoa powder

Fresh raspberry to make a sauce

Fisher chopped hazelnuts


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