CHICAGO — The dream of any person who works is to someday be able to call it quits on their terms.

But in order to retire, you have to save, and that can take decades for some to do, with a few workers never being able to fully walk away from work.

So on the “9@9” on Wednesday, we asked a simple question: What would it take to retire at 55?

The hosts talked about the things one would have to do in order to be able to have an early retirement on the WGN Morning News while also giving their thoughts on the chances of making that happen.

Along with that, the hosts discussed “Bougie Barbie,” a new project that would create a robot to watch your kids, a look back at one of Chicago’s most famous investigative reports, a “Demon Catshark,” and more on the segment.

You can watch the entire “9@9” from the May 17 show in the video above.

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