9 @ 9: Dino tracks in Bolivia, grapes providing UV protection and Zombie Spiders

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Join us every morning for the 9 @ 9. It’s a countdown of the nine most ridiculous stories we can possibly find each day. We discuss, argue, laugh and sometimes cry our way to the top story.

  • 9. The inside story of ‘Inside the NBA’
  • 8. The most expensive dress of all-time
  • 7. Ella Emhoff is a model
  • 6. Zombie spiders exist
  • 5. Identity of kids in iconic ‘Newsies’ photo
  • 4. Louis Vuitton delivered to your door
  • 3. Grapes provide UV protection
  • 2. Real Dinosaur footprints in Bolivia
  • 1. Foo Fighters covering the Bee Gees.


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