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Let’s face it. There’s no easy way to clean those tough household messes.

You end up with stained rugs, streaky windows and lots of frustration.

Ashley from MyClean has some great tips to help you out the next time things get too messy.

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Crazy tips on better cleaning your house

Microfiber Cloths
MyClean used microfiber rags at every clean, they are little saviors. They don’t just push dust around, they grab it and remove it. They’re also washable and reusable — and therefore green. Particularly great for cleaning blinds.

Irons Eliminate Wax Spills
To remove hardened wax from fabric, place a paper towel or a brown paper bag on top of the wax and press with an iron on low heat. The paper absorbs the wax and your iron stays clean.

Alcohol Removes Stickers
To remove stubborn price tags from items like dishes and glassware, use a cotton pad or Q-tip soaked with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol dissolves the sticky glue and doesn’t mess up your manicure.

Tennis Balls Are Scuff Mark Erasers
Clean off shoe scuffmarks from vinyl flooring with a clean, dry tennis ball. A light rub and heel marks are “erased.”

Shaving Cream Removes Red Wine Stains

A dab of foaming shaving cream can help remove many red-wine spills from carpets.

Baking Soda Removes Food Odors
When your plastic storage containers start to smell like the food that was in them, wash them with hot water and two tablespoons of baking soda.

Many Uses For Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
– Remove food stains inside plastic food containers.
– Remove tarnish from silver.
– Remove stains on the underside of the toilet seat.

Use Newspaper to Wash Windows
While minimizing your laundry but still need to clean your windows, consider using newspaper. Not only does it work really well, the paper and ink acts as a light abrasive to give you really clean windows. Begin by using window spray and in a circular pattern wipe off all the spots with the newspaper. Then, switch to a vertical, and then horizontal stroke until all the liquid has dissipated and you’re left with a shiny, streak-free windows!