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You may have aced your grammar test in 2nd grade, but even you might make some of these mistakes.

1) ‘Prostrate Cancer’

Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Mayo Clinic websites made this mistake. It’s ‘prostate’ cancer. Prostrate means lying down on the ground…prostate is , you know.

2) ‘First-come, first-serve’

It’s supposed to be: ‘First-come, first-served.’ The incorrect way indicates that the people who arrive first will be doing the serving.

3) ‘I could care less’

That’s wrong. It should be ‘I couldn’t care less.” This convey that you there’s no way you could be less concerned.

4) ‘Wet your appetite’

When this one appears online, it is wrong 56 percent of the time. It’s ‘whet’ your appetite. Whet means to sharpen or stimulate.

5) ‘Baited breath’

The reason this is always used wrong is that the correct word, bated, is rarely used anywhere else. It’s an adjective meaning suspense.

6) ‘For all intensive purposes’

The correct way is ‘for all intents and purposes.’

7) ‘Peaked my interest’

To ‘pique’ means to arouse, so the correct phrase here should be ‘piqued my interest.’