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Ellen Rogin and Lisa Kueng

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Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality


Too often, when talking about personal finances people jump right into the minutiae of investments, budgeting and tax strategies and skip over the deeper questions of what they really want from their money, both now and in the future.  Missing this crucial step — envisioning your financial goals first— can be costly, both in terms of actually meeting goals and in terms of happiness levels.
Use current brain science to build your Prosperity Picture by:
Selecting images you that resonate for you
Visualizing your goals in your mind’s eye
Feel how you’ll feel as your vision becomes a reality
Place your images in a frame with context.
Create a plan of action for achieving your goals.

Start securing your financial future today in three easy steps:
Be clear on your vision for the future – without a meaningful plan you won’t have a way to assess whether you are on track or not.
Set up a systematic investment plan – one of the best ways to save for your future is to set it up on auto-pilot.
Boost gratitude and giving – it helps you to feel rich inside and make a difference. It can also help your taxes.