Your Money Matters: Cybersecurity hazards you need to know about this Cyber Monday and holiday shopping season

Your Money Matters

Darren Guccione, CEO and Co-Founder, Keeper Security

  • What kinds of cyber-attacks should consumers be aware of this holiday shopping season?
    • Credential stuffing — a type of cyber-attack where hackers take combinations of usernames and passwords that have been hacked and put on the dark web, which are then used to illegally gain access on accounts on new sites.
    • Spear phishing — a process where emails are presumably sent from a known or trusted sender in order to induce targeted individuals to reveal confidential information (i.e. the gift card scam).
    • Malware attacks — a common cyberattack where malicious software infects and commits unauthorized actions on a victim’s operating system/device. Examples include ransomware, spyware and command and control attacks.
  • What kinds of cybersecurity tips should consumers practice this holiday shopping season?
    • Avoid using free Wi-Fi — Instead, use a personal hotspot, which is much more secure, and be sure to disable mobile Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use to prevent connecting to unknown networks or peer-to-peer devices. If you do need to use a public network, always use a VPN.
    • Only shop on reputable shopping apps and websites — Look for the “https” URL and the padlock symbol.
    • Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on all websites, applications and systems, whenever possible, for an extra layer of security.
    • Use biometrics only as a convenience feature, or as a second factor for authentication — Unlike passwords, faces and fingerprints can’t be reset and therefore, they can’t be used as a replacement for a password.
    • Never reuse a password — Cybercriminals keep dictionary lists of the most used passwords. They also know that if they are successful in breaching a single account, they will often be able to access multiple accounts for the same person due to the high frequency of password reuse.


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