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Colleen Curtis, Head of Community of The Mom Project

Tips for moms re-entering the work force or re-vamping their career:


  1. Set Yourself Up For Success. We all know that parenthood requires a solid support system,  and working parenthood is no exception. As you begin your career search, take time and have conversations with your personal support network and make sure they are involved in the process. Knowing that your career journey is supported by your family, friends, and network is key to ongoing personal success.


  1. Get Clear On What Works For You. Looking for part-time work or remote opportunities? Open to working full time… but want it to be for an employer that “gets it”? Establishing what type of role works for you and your family will make your job search much more focused – and your outcomes much more desirable.


  1. Interview The Employer. While it may be intimidating at first, don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions during your interview. What does “flexible work hours” truly mean? How does the company live out their mission and empower their employees to do the same? A work arrangement is a two-way street, so take the time to make sure you will both you AND your employer will be happy in the relationship.


  1. Refocus and Extend your Lens. Looking to re-enter the workforce or change jobs, but not sure where to start? Consider looking outside of your industry. Take the time to map your skills and see what you can translate to booming fields, like tech or healthcare. Your experience is valuable across industries, so start owning your skills and showcasing them confidently. A world of opportunity awaits.


  1. Know The Market. You don’t have to be in the recruiting or talent space to know when the job market is in your favor. All it takes is a quick scan of the news to know the latest… and right now is an incredible time to change jobs. The unemployment rate is at an all-time low, and the demand for high-quality talent is high. Now is the time to make your move, and the cards are in your favor.