Your Money Matters: Strengthen Your Finances & Balance The Playing Field

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Richard Chew


Pool Assets with a handful of people you trust, then create an LLC that builds financial consensus to buy real estate, especially income property. 

Start An Investment/Savings Club – If buying real estate is not your bag then still look to find people you have common ground with to create an LLC and start building up your money. 

Create a Separate Mastermind Group that is about making, saving, and investing money to build wealth. 

Pool Money to Buy Small Businesses – If there are certain types of businesses you enjoy but don’t have the knack/knowledge to own, then maybe partnering with someone you trust will give you the talent and partnering needed to succeed in this arena. 

Find Mentors or Mentor groups to learn where the deals and opportunities are. 

Consider Adding to Your Income with Additional Work – Reassess your skill set to determine if there are work opportunities that are virtual home jobs you may have never thought of.

If you are fortunate to be working and have not been furloughed etc. use this time to sharpen your skills, get additional skills, certifications and education that may be offered online.


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