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Philippe Weiss
Seyfarth Shaw at Work

Tips for Bosses and Managers:

Limit your own play in the office. Be careful about encouraging or pressuring others to play. Be clear with your team that work comes first.

Widen the water cooler conversation topics so that you are not excluding those who aren’t playing.

Don’t discipline without first doing your homework. Make sure that you are not singling certain individuals out – when others are also involved in Fantasy play. And remember: people are often allowed limited personal use of the business computer systems.

Strategies for Employees:

Don’t be an “outlier” – don’t let fantasy play crowd-out your real work. It can also be risky to be that one person or small group focused on (or talking about) Fantasy Football much more than others at work.

Don’t be a “Trash Talker” – keep your play-related communications respectful, so you are not accused of bullying or harassment under your company’s policy.

Check-in with your boss – on work – especially if he or she is not a Fantasy player.  Confirm that your job performance/work is on track and meeting all expectations.  That lets your boss know you are keeping your priorities straight – and helps protect your job status.