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The Fortune 500 customers that we work with are all indicating a stronger year of hiring for permanent staff in 2018 vs 2017. This confidence aligns strongly with the recent records in the stock market and the fastest growth rates in 3 years in Q3 at 3.3%, which was primarily driven by business investment.

Employers are still primarily focused on identifying candidates that have the skills to do the job, but the differentiation between candidates is often focused on their character and evidence of perseverance. Candidates that have been in a job for at least 2-3 years will have nearly always had the experience of working with a challenging co-worker or a demanding boss, or difficult business conditions. Employers love to see how prospective employees handled these circumstances and whether they developed into an employee that would have the perseverance to perform well in their prospective employment situation.

Another observation I have studied is the desire for Millennials to be exposed to new experiences early in their careers. This desire which is healthy can lead young people to sometimes cut and run to a new job more quickly than they should. I would instead recommend that employees push through times of stagnation in their jobs, and ask their employers for unique ways they could serve. And as I stated earlier its often in the times of what feels like stagnation that an employee is actually perfecting the work they do and being an expert in a specific job function is always considered better than switching jobs and functions before full proficiency has been achieved..

The traditional approach of reviewing jobs on Jobs Boards like Career Builder, Monster or Indeed still work just fine. But keep in mind that in an ever tightening labor market Employers are more often turning to Specialist Search Firms to identify the talent they need for their firms. Employers also understand that sometimes the best prospective employees aren't actively looking for work and aren't reviewing their job posts on Job Boards. As a result Specialist Search Firm Recruiters are often the best source for selling prospective candidates on NEW opportunities, and identifying talent. So even if you are happy in your current role, its often a good idea to have a relationship with a specialist Search Firm who could potentially help you in your career advancement even when you aren't necessarily actively looking.


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