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Andrea Donsky, Holistic Nutritionist, author of “Unjunk Your Junk Food,” and creator of NaturallySavvy.com, shares these tips:

Step 1: Trans Fat Alternatives

Many ready-to-eat baking goods contain partially or hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, and a host of preservatives. To avoid these chemicals look for products that do not contain them such as:

  • Wholly Wholesome pie crust/shell
  • Wholly Wholesome apple pie
  • Immaculate Baking Cinnamon Rolls
  • Dr. Oetker cake mix
  • Frosting
  • Earth’s Best butter, Barlean’s coconut oil (non-dairy) and organic butter (alternative to shortening, trans fats)

Trans fats are linked to: heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Step 2: High-fructose corn syrup Alternatives

This ingredient can be found in a variety of products on your supermarket shelves. When it comes to baking, it is important to read the label carefully to avoid it. These items do not contain it.

  • Pamela’s baking products (cookies & brownies).
  • Truwhip whipped topping
  • Dark chocolate chips (they contain anti-oxidants)

HFCS is linked to obesity, heart diseases and increased belly fat.

Step 3: Artificial Color Alternatives

This is a big one when it comes to kids. Kids love bright colorful foods so the key is baking with ingredients that use natural colors derived from fruits and vegetables.

  • Natures flavors all natural/organic food coloring and flavoring (alternative to chemicals dyes and flavors)
  • Let’s do organic sprinkles (great for cookies and muffins/cupcakes)

Food dyes are linked to hyperactivity in children with and without behavioral issues.

Step 4: Artificial Sweetener Alternatives

There are many great tasting, better for you sweeteners on the market today that are perfect for baking. Use a 1:1 ratio to sugar and enjoy.

  • Examples include: Xylitol, erythritol, palm sugar, stevia, etc.

Step 5: Gluten free alternatives

Food allergies are on the rise. For those with dairy and wheat sensitivities, here are some options to bake with:

  • Almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, organic milk.
  • Quinoa and other gluten free flours


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