Tips for college grads looking to land a job in the age of Covid-19

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Michelle Reisdorf – Regional Vice President with Robert Half

What are some tips for new grads to help them land a job?

  • Identify your best prospects – Start by sending your resume to online job boards and specialized sites. But these aren’t normal times, and you may need to dig deeper.
  • Utilize your network – Let your network know you’re looking for work. You never know who might be looking for new talent or able to pass along your resume to a hiring manager.
  • Maximize downtime. Don’t wait for hiring to rebound and stay-at-home orders to be lifted to start your job search. Stay busy by networking online, participating in informational interviews, attending virtual conferences and developing your skills.
  • Polish your online presence. Use social media channels as a way to showcase professional accomplishments, skills and passions. Clean up any content you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see.
  • Expand your search. You may find promising opportunities beyond your desired industry or geographic location. Consider temporary and part-time roles, in addition to full-time positions, which can help you gain valuable skills and experience, as well as offer a window into different career paths.
  • Work with a staffing firm – Specialized staffing firms like Robert Half have their finger on the pulse of the hiring market and workplace trends. This built-in knowledge makes them a great resource for helping new grads find a job under uncommon circumstances.
  • Use setbacks as learning opportunities. The job search process could take longer than expected, but it’s important to practice patience. Even if you’re passed over for a role, respond positively and keep the door open for future possibilities with that company or individual.
  • Be a video whiz – Video will be your primary tool once you get to the interview stage and potentially receive an offer and negotiate salary and benefits.


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