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Alex Nelson – Campaign Manager, Better Streets Chicago

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More from The City of Chicago on their Snow Clearing Ordinance:

The City’s snow clearing ordinance requires property owners to clear a path at least 5 feet wide on all sidewalks adjacent to their property, including any crosswalk ramps.

Snow should not be shoveled into the right-of-way, which includes: transit stops and bus pads, parking spaces, bike lanes, bike racks, Divvy stations and any other space where snow impedes traffic of any kind.  Individuals found pushing snow into the public right of way may be subject to a citation.  

If you are responsible for a corner lot, you must remove snow and ice from sidewalks on all sides of your building and from corner sidewalk ramps. This applies to residential property and business owners.

The public can help us help them by reporting uncleared sidewalks through the 311 system, either by phone or using the CHI 311 app.

We respond to all complaints and generally respond to a first offense with a warning. But we will enforce the law, especially when it comes to businesses and multi-family buildings that ignore warnings and fail to clear their sidewalks.