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Tu Bloom

Tips & Reminders To Keep Everything Healthy and in Bloom!

Do not go out and buy plants — that includes trees/shrubs — that may have already been shipped and on display at some home improvement/garden centers. First consult an expert that can advise you on whether it is too early or not to plant perennial trees and flowerings shrubs in your specific region (or grow zone).

Keep flowers such as pansies and ranunculus in bloom, by “dead-heading” (removal of spent blooms) and watered well.

Prolong spring blooming plants’ bloom cycle by staking existing hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, and even get a head start on peonies before they become unmanageable. It only takes one heavy rainfall for them to collapse and get ruined.

Roses can also be cut back at this time (if you didn’t get to them last fall before the frost); cut back to live wood, which is the point where there is a green fleshy tissue that is visible towards the center of the canes versus the dead brownish color when you prune it.

Now is also the time to check on flowering perennials in your garden that are over-crowded and properly divide and replant them.

Finally, feed, feed, feed! Give your garden a strong spring boost to help promote stronger more vibrant plants for a fuller/healthier garden (which actually also helps keeps weeds out).