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Lyn Gottlieb
Divas N’ Design

Budgeting is very important and depending on what kind of updates you’re looking to do, will determine your costs and budget.

Easy, simple and most practical updates would include: Changing paint colors, throw pillows and accents. Lighter color tones in the spring/summer and darker more robust colors for fall/winter.

Enhance and refresh your current space:

The bedroom is one of the most neglected or overlooked rooms of the house.  Proper use of storage to de-clutter twice a year (spring and fall cleaning)

For affordable and easy enhancements, think seasonally. Twice a year, change out your bedroom comforter, wall art or accent pieces to reflect spring/summer or fall/winter. Consider a consignment store for larger and better conditioned furnishings and thrift stores or Goodwill, Salvation Army for items that are less value to receive a tax write off.

When it comes to major overhauls or brand new design projects, consider your lifestyle and longevity.
Consider factors like your children’s age and their hobbies/sports/activities; your career schedule; is this a permanent home for the long haul (more than 10 – 15 years) or a more temporary “stepping stone” home (5 – 10 years, or less). Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling typically bring up the value of a home and usually need updating every 10-12 years.

Utilize the space you have, whether it is a sprawling home in the suburbs or small, a high rise condo in downtown Chicago, or somewhere in between.
To create more space and less clutter, pick three spots in your house and invest in better storage systems.  We recommend organized bedroom closets, entry ways and kitchens.

Hiring a professional is no longer for the “elite” because in this day and age, it can pay off to hire an expert/professional to manage your home design projects, it is more cost effective than doing it yourself.
In the long haul you can save time, money, headaches by going with an interior designer instead of trying to Do-It-Yourself!


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