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More than 30 years after his first day in the WGN newsroom, veteran anchor/reporter Steve Sanders is retiring Friday. In honor of his amazing tenure here, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Steve Sanders moments.

Steve Sanders: Who Knew He Could Rock It?

Steve’s musical talents are well-known, but it’s still surprising to see such a laid-back guy rock so hard. Check out this throwback clip of Steve performing on stage!

Steve and Tom Skilling’s Valentines Day Duet

In this throwback clip, Steve and WGN Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling have some playful banter before showing off their angelic voices. Who knew Skilling could sing so well?

Steve performs with Barry Williams, a.k.a Greg Brady

With only 15 minutes of prep time, Steve and the WGN House Band pulled off a truly groovy performance of “Let Your Love Flow” with Barry Williams of “Brady Bunch” fame. Look close to see Steve singing along throughout the performance.

Steve rocks a Hard Day’s Night

Could the Fab Four become the Fab Five? In this clip from Newsapalooza 2012, Steve gives a performance of The Beatles’ classic “A Hard Day’s Night.”

Steve does his best Johnny Cash

Steve whipped out his guitar and showed his off his singing chops for a performance with the WGN House Band earlier this month, a.k.a “The News Brothers.” Even though he’s wearing a white shirt, he does a pretty convincing Man in Black!