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Nighttime is the ideal opportunity for activating, restoring and stimulating skin. During the day, skincare products are rubbed off, sweated off and wiped off. Plus, many active ingredients in skincare formulas have a relatively short life, and are deactivated by sunlight. It’s crucial to saturate the skin with active and powerful ingredients prior to bedtime.  Ingredients like retinol, ceramides, and anti-inflammatory botanicals trigger the overnight cell renewal process that delivers brighter, more hydrated, more even skin when you wake up. This is the perfect time to repair damage and environmental exposure with potent active ingredients.  Apply lotion when skin is damp after your shower and before bed to lock in moisture.

Maintenance with at-home peels is essential to stimulate cellular turnover. Exfoliate dry, dull skin and brighten complexion

Dry air and harsh indoor heat can zap moisture from skin. Regular use of a humidifier will add necessary moisture back into the air and into your skin. What you are sleeping ON can actually be almost as important as what you’re putting on your face.  Sleep lines, which are formed by forceful pressure of the tissue against pillows over time become permanent and unsightly.  Align your spine, reduce facial creases and delay wrinkles with pillows.

Vitamins can promote glowing skin. Vitamin C for discoloration, Vitamin A for wrinkles, Vitamin E for moisture and Vitamin B3 for redness.

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