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  • Vehicle Tips:
    • Winter Wiper Blades – Replace worn wiper blades with new blades for the winter to increase visibility. Describe the difference between winter wiper blades and regular wipers.
    • Brakes – No matter how great your tires are, they’re only as effective as your brakes. Have them checked before the weather gets nasty.
    • Battery – Have it tested! A dead battery is an annoyance in the summer, but it can be life threatening in the snow. Even new batteries can lose as much as 40 percent of their current in cold weather.
  • Winter Tires – Winter tires help drivers in winter weather with increased traction, braking and handling. Cold temperatures decrease the elasticity of rubber compounds in tires, which contributes to a reduction in traction. Blizzaks are designed to remain flexible in cold weather, allowing them to conform to the road surface and maintain grip on snow and ice.
  • Tire care:
    • Tread check – It’s important to always check your tread as the weather gets colder. An easy and quick way to do that is with an ordinary penny. Put Abe Lincoln’s head upside-down on the tire. If part of his head is hidden by the tire, your treads are good. If you can see his whole head, your tread is worn, and it’s time for new tires.
    • Pressure check – Although you should be checking your tire pressure monthly, it is especially important to check tire pressure in winter weather. For every 10 degrees the temperature drops, your tires can lose about 1 pound per square inch (PSI) of pressure. It’s quick and easy to do. You can find the manufacturer’s specific tire pressure on the inside of the doorjamb.
  • Additional Tips:
    • Turn on your headlights – In inclement weather, visibility is often less than perfect. Turning on your lights allows you to see, and just as importantly, be seen by others. Remember this general rule: Wipers on - lights on.
    • Keep a roadside emergency kit – We suggest carrying hand/feet warmers, a stocking cap and a blanket, LED flashers/flares, a spare phone charger, kitty litter for traction if you’re stuck and pre-packaged food/snacks.






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