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Why and How To Thank Your Teacher During Teacher Appreciation Week

1 – Simply SAY “Thank You” at the end of class. 

  • WHY do this? Whether you mean to or not, this will put you in high regard with the teacher. It doesn’t matter if you are an A student or B student, what matters to teachers is that you are kind, paying attention, and trying to learn.
  • You may need this teacher down the line for a letter of recommendation. Thank him/her now and reap the rewards later!

2 – Take notice of what they have on their desk, on the walls, what they drink in the morning. These are all clues to help you offer a personalized gift. 

  • I’m not a coffee drinker, so I always gave away my coffee gift cards.
  • Depending on your budget – keep it simple – to-go coffee mug, movie tix, fun school supplies- markers, stickers, Amazon gift card, or local book store.
  • For students who took notice, I loved receiving Wonder Woman items or stuffed bears with college t-shirts. 

3 – Write a thank you note, yes I mean a handwritten note. I still have the notes students have given me over the years. 

  • MOST teens will not take the time to do it, so if you do – you will stand out as a student that teacher remembers. It means so much to a teacher. Do it!
  • Making a connection with a teacher and describing HOW s/he has influenced you is a game changer. That teacher will remember you forever!

4 – WHY does this matter?

  • If you plan to apply to college, you may need 1-2 teacher letters of recommendation. A prior “Thank you,”will go a long way in getting a POSITIVE letter from your favorite teacher! 
  • Teachers and school leaders talk in the lunch room – when opportunities and/or awards come up and the teachers nominate – you want to be top of mind!!