Midday Fix: What to pack in your toiletry kit to stay healthy during holiday travel

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Alayna Hill, MinuteClinic Nurse Practitioner




What should I pack in the event someone in my family becomes ill?

  • A common pain reliever
  • A multi-symptom cold medicine
  • An antihistamine for allergy relief
  • Throat lozenges
  • Saline eye drops and nasal spray to keep your mucus membranes moist in dry environments like an airplane cabin. This will also help you fend off germs.
  • An anti diarrheal – very important if you’re traveling to a foreign country
  • Adhesive strips and anti-bacterial ointment to treat any cuts or blisters
  • Sun screen and bug spray, particularly if you are traveling to a tropical destination

Remember two things:

  • Read the labels. If you have a chronic condition such as high blood pressure or if you are traveling with children, some medicines may not be appropriate and you might need a different option.
  • When possible, use pills and chewables vs. liquid so you don’t have to deal with carry-on restrictions on airplanes.

What recommendations do you have about getting ready in advance of your holiday trip?


  • First, even before you begin to pack, make sure you are up to date on your prescriptions and have remaining refills available. If not, contact your medical provider now and get this done. Remember, this is a busy time of year and practitioners take days off too.
  • Also, if you’re going to be traveling to a foreign country for the winter holidays, check and see if you need any travel vaccinations. The CDC website is a good source for what’s recommended.
  • Now, a key point – some vaccinations take a couple weeks for you to build full immunity. So please take care of this now if you’re going overseas.
  • And lastly, if you haven’t done so already, get your flu shot. We’ve had an early flu season this year, especially in the southern states. So if you’re going to a warm weather destination like Arizona or Florida, know the flu has been more prevalent there.

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