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Regine T. Rousseau – Founder & CEO of Shall We Wine, Author and Wine Educator


3 things to look out for when pairing wine and ice cream:

Temperature- Let your ice cream sit out for 30 seconds to a minute. If it’s too cold it will numb the tongue. If the ice cream is super cold, when you taste it wait 5-7 seconds before trying the wine.

Sweetness- your wine should always be sweeter than your desert. If the ice cream is sweeter, it will make the wines taste bitter.

Tannins – When it comes to pairings, tannins can be a beast to tame. Bitter or astringent flavors that come from grape skin, seeds, stems or oak aging, tannins can provide texture, body and complexity to wine.

High-tannic wines are best paired with fatty cuts of meat, like Cabernet Sauvignon and ribeye. The richness and fattiness of the steak softens the tannins. When a dry, tannic wine is paired with sweet ice cream, it’s a whole mess—the wine will taste bitter.

Featured Wines & Ice Cream:

Ice cream: Maeda-En Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream purchased at H Mart (Chicago) $8.99

Wine: 2020 Vin De Days Blanc – $18.99 (Binny’s Chicago)

Ice cream: Kilwin’s Butter Pecan Ice Cream  (Bronzeville Chicago)

Wine: 2019 Layer Cake Chardonnay – $12.99 (Jewel Osco/ Target)

Ice cream: Kilwin’s Chocolate Ice Cream (Chicago)

Wine:  2020 Banfi Rosa Regale, Piemonte, Italy – $18.99 (Kimbark Beverage Depot)

Ice cream: Ice cream: Kilwin’s Vanilla Ice Cream  (Chicago)

Wine: Winters Hill Winery – $28.99 (Oregon)

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