Midday Fix: Designer Mikel Welch demonstrates wall decorating trends

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DIY Wallpaper Options:

Paintable Wallpaper
Options are good, especially when it comes to decorating. Typically wallpaper patterns and colors are pretty much set in stone when you purchase them at the store, leaving little to no flexibility in style. Fortunately there is paintable wallpaper that allows you the opportunity to customize your wallpaper by painting it the color of your choice. All you need is the wallpaper, roller and your paint.

Roller Wall Paper
Roller wall paper gives you the same effect of wallpaper. This effect is done by using a custom designed paint roller that prints a continuous pattern such as traditional wallpaper. The technique is very similar to a stamp, so this makes the job simple enough for anyone to use. All you need is the wall paper roller, your favorite paint color and a steady hand.

Paintable Wall Tiles
Easily transform a boring wall into eye-catching wall art. The tiles are lightweight, paintable and easy to DIY. They are recycled and biodegradable. Healthy and safe with no chemical fillers.


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