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Properly Planning Your Garden Beds for Autumn Color:

  • As the weather quickly changes in the next few weeks, go out and take a closer look at your planters and garden areas that will need a nice fresh pop of colors. Did the heat take a toll on them? If so, cut back and clear them out for what is to come in the next with weeks whether it be mums, cabbage, kale etc.
  • Fall is great time to also plant perennial trees and shrubs, so pick areas in your garden that you didn’t get a chance to give attention to and make it a priority to clean, prep, and get in those trees or shrubs that you have been thinking about so that you have a strong start to spring.

Preparing Your Houseplants that have been Outdoors to be brought inside for overwintering:

  • Finish up any repotting you need to do now before the cold temps hit, so the plant has at least 4 to 6 weeks to acclimate and send out healthy new roots as you bring them indoors for the winter
  • Spot check all your plants for pests. If you find any, address them accordingly so that once you bring them in… they won’t spread to your other houseplants. A systemic pesticide application (which is a pesticide that goes into the entire plants root system and internal structures to protect it) is a great way to prevent any harboring pests/diseases before you bring them all indoors.
  • Learn to say goodbye… if you’re like me you’ll have a 1000 plant babies that fight for window space for light during the long winter months. Prioritize your favorite and prized plants and make sure you have room for those first. Everything else should either be given to friends/family or donate it to a school etc. that could use them. Hoarding tons of plants (more than you have space to accommodate) will only create more stress for you during the winter. Slaving after watering them, etc.

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