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Sue Monhait

New Tools for New Handmade Business Owners: 

Embracing Online for Year-Round Sales: At the start of pandemic, existing artisans were caught off guard because in the past they relied on face-to-face shows exclusively. It had been a way of life that earned them a living income – traveling from show to show each week. All that had to change overnight. Many makers, new and old, we “forced” to embrace online tools like websites, email marketing, and social media, things they may never have needed before. However, this enabled them to encourage sales year-round, not just during holiday craft fair season. 

Facebook Shops: The ease and turnkey approach of Facebook Shops for online product based businesses.  Perfect option for emerging small businesses and hobbyist.

Virtual Shows: The steady and emerging utilization of consumer virtual shopping shows. The potential of these virtual shows are huge with a much lower investment. And consumers now are versed and comfortable in online purchasing throughout this past year because they were made to be throughout the pandemic.